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> time of kosyrev, Full story at
Posted: Sep 20 2006, 02:17 PM

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the time seen by kosyrev is a substance that fulfil all the universe,and the time is irreversible and folw in the direction only one.while the duration and the distance in space are deformation in that substance that is the time,then is
not possible travels in the time,because the vortices created has two opposed topological torsions-then occur the asymmetry of mirror images-that is violation of pt-that is left-handed and right-handed.then the time define the asymmetry of the reflections of mirrors that is P(parity).then the non-linear lorentz transformations connect the time(here deformations of the distance of space with variations of motions-that is infinitesimal the tangent of the curves(that is composed by holes)with space-time that is the metric of differences between two points in the space,that are two points in the space,that are the curvatures.then must occur complex elliptic space-time curvature submanifolds that are octonions that imply the non-linearities,with limits for the discretizations,the transfinite numbers that must to connect the continuos and holes(discretes)that are non-homeomorphycs;those curvaturesgenerate the bifurcations stabilized by the hidden variables that are statistics informations of past and future,that implies the regularity of the curvatures with inequivalents smooth manifolds in S-4 intersecctioned in 4-D embbebed in 8-D,then a non-hausdorff topology,where the non-linear gravitons are holes,generated inthe curvatures of space-time through from twistors

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