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> New Voltage discovered, multi-directional current without a chan
Posted: Jan 27 2008, 12:24 AM


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I understand far better than you. Your understanding is sub-par.

Resistance of the coils is negligable until current nears the point of saturation.

Your point is moot. It does not significantly affect the swings in current density.

Nor have you explained how else one might obtain EM effects without switching anode and cathode.

Start from the position that maybe this is new and try again. You failed.

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We had't start at the beginning, but, you were not there yet.

Yet there, not were you, but beginning THE at start had't we.
Posted: Feb 1 2008, 07:46 AM

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QUOTE (meBigGuy @ Oct 28 2007, 09:44 PM)
It would be a mistake to underestimate my knowledge in this area. Or my open-ness to new ideas. But, you have not clearly described anything new.

I followed the flow. The diagrams are simple. I see current flow from most positive to most negative in all cases. That direction change in the fluids is just a manesfestation of local potential changes. There is voltage drop across the electrodes (paths through the fluids) so the current through the fluid goes to one end or the other depending on connection direction.

You have not addressed my issues (feel free to substitute ions where ever you please) :

In other words, electrons (ions, whatever) move under the effects of local potentials. Therefore, If you see a change in direction, it must be due to a change in local potential. I don't think you will dispute that. So, what you need to describe is in what way you are changing the local potential as seen by those ions/electrons. Personally, I do not think you are doing anything unique.

If you measure the voltage across the wires through the fluid, you will see a reversal in potential due to IR drop in the wire. PERIOD

Nothing has changed. You have not answered the basics.

There is no difference in you throwing your switches and me using an squarewave AC power source.

If you measure the voltage across the coils it will alternate positive and negative due to the resistance of the coil, PERIOD. END OF DISCUSSION.

So, not only have you failed in showing it is special, you have failed in showing that it can accomplish ANYTHING.

Even if there were a new current (which there is not), WHAT WOULD BE ITS USE. WHAT GOOD IS IT? WHAT CAN IT ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISH.

You blather on about its newness as if that means anything. What good is it? Put it in a package and sell it as "new current"?

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Posted: Feb 1 2008, 11:11 AM

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QUOTE (ArchAngel @ Jan 8 2008, 12:36 PM)
I already gave some possible answers. You ignored them.

I must have missed them; would you care to repeat or link to them?

Try both before you insult me again. I showed you the power plant. Now you show what it plugs into...

It wasn't an insult, it was a question.

Obviously, since you couldn't answer the first two questions, you got to the third: "what's the point?", and in the absence of being able to answer that, you realised that the correct answer is: "there's no point." and you assumed that I was implying this.

In fact, I never assumed any answers so only the lack of answers could lead to this conclusion.

Your inability to answer speaks volumes.
Posted: Apr 9 2013, 03:52 PM


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Bump To The Top by ArchAngel under his real name.

I may have some things to add to this when time presents.

I'm working on something bigger right no so please be patient.

If I lit an Anti~Matter candle would you see the light?

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