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> Opening Of «phenomena Of The Natural Parabola», Way to create a mega-telescope
Posted: Feb 7 2012, 10:56 PM


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Opening of "Phenomenon of natural parabola" allows you to easily create a mirror of any curvature and diameter of hundreds of meters and even a few kilometers, reflecting the parallel light rays to a point, respectively, with a change in focal length and beam power.

In order to study the universe through focusing parallel rays of light coming from distant worlds, Hyperboloid Valentine's will increase the remote objects a million times, compared with a 6 meter telescope.

Simultaneously, the mega telescope gives a ray of sunlight of high-energy, which is in contact with the substance will cause disintegration of the atoms in the elementary particles, it will be much more powerful than a nuclear explosion.

There is a need for modern science to study the physics of elementary particles and on the provision of energy by itself.

The discovery allows you to create on Earth, the Moon and in space (Flying machine on its own energy supply) mirror parabola with a huge energy.

Although devices such as the Large Hadron Collider LHC and the TOKAMAK are NOT suitable for production, but only to absorb high energy expenditure of trillions of Finance at the expense of taxpayers.

Method of manufacturing parabolic mirrors (one whole mirror) having a diameter of several hundred meters and even a few kilometers, I propose for patenting.,84069.0.html,84069.0.html,,73/catid,17/
Луч высокой энергии - детище природной параболы:
Изготовление мегателескопа в соответствие с открытием явления природной параболы:
Opening of "Phenomena of the natural parabola"&
A method of producing a new type of high energy:
Opening of phenomena of the natural parabola
Открытие явления природной параболы:
Изготовление мега телескопа в соответствие с открытием явления природной параболы

The essence of being is in the fact that in nature no other of manifestation, except the contradictory levels energy, of exchange interaction, that is forms of movement![/B]
Russian Ivan (Valentin Dolzhenko[I]

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