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> Chemistry Of Large Hydro-carbons, Relates to the Natural Theory of Space
Posted: Feb 1 2012, 02:40 AM


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The natural theory (best to read Natural Theory of Space Quantum instead of -The- Natural Theory of Space Quantum) indicates:

There may be a quantum barrier energy of exactly 680 eV/kg for each energy barrier (there should be about 3 x 10^8 barriers) in one second of our planet-surface measured one-second. This is a function of our neurological evolution.

But this would be a quantum energy and it would be responsible for all aging (there is no time t in this model.)

The 680 eV is a go-or-no-go quantum energy but it includes quantum states of all bound molecules and every delta-energy state within them per barrier. For example, 679 eV could be used with the extra 1 eV carried over or possibly simply "lost."

We think this explains, among many other things, losses of states in Thyroxine and other hormones in older folks.

Thank you.

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