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> Swirl Thread Going Down The Filet Tube, Swooosh going down the gurgler
Posted: Jan 15 2012, 01:52 AM


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This thread will work out the time-space independantly by measuring rates of thread sinkage by the bot spam

**BigFairy owns this forum. The moderators admire her. Let's face it ... who doesn't admire a fat ugly bitch with enough time on her hands to overwhelm virtually every thread with her fantasy life? [uaafanablog]
**Full blown dementia. [Trout]
**Is there any way you can get rid of this racist retard? [RobDegraves]
**Nothing can compare with the indignation and sense of outrage of one who has finally found somebody who occupies an even lower moral ground than himself - and Im not referring to DaveLush! [Edward 3]
****Oh, how the mighty have fallen. [TheDoc]
Proud former recipient of negative feedback from: BigFairy, Doc_Fairy, Fairy, Fairy1000, Fairy_bot, Fior, Jimmy Dawson, LOL_FAIRY, MY_FAIRY, rpenner_FAIRY
**Fairy is obviously a stunningly pathetic braindead slimetard [Lady Elizabeth/Mullosc/Bivalves et all]
**U FAIL [capracus]
**Fairy-useless disruption. [Grumpy]
****Apocalyptic [procyon]

[Moderator: Poster lacks comprehension, strategy, tactics...banned ] [rpenner]

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