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> A Great Discovery Or Another Disappointment?
Posted: Apr 15 2011, 04:31 PM


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A great discovery or another disappointment?

An Italian inventor, Andrea Rossi claims to develop a new kind of a nuclear reactor. Each unit contains about 100 grams of powdered nickel fuel mixed with a secret catalyst, inside of a sealed container. The container is filled with compressed hydrogen. The unit uses electric energy at the rate of 0.4 kW but it generates thermal energy at the rate of 12.4 kW. The released energy is said to be due to nuclear reactions resulting from turning nickel into copper. In one case Rossi’s reactor operated for six month[, heating several rooms. During this time 30% of nickel was converted into copper. Three demonstrations were performed in 2011, at the University of Bologna.

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Ludwik Kowalski (see Wikipedia)

Ludwik Kowalski, a retired nuclear physicist and the author of a free ON-LINE autobiography entitled “Diary of a Former Communist: Thoughts, Feelings, Reality.”

It is a testimony based on a diary kept between 1946 and 2004 (in the USSR, Poland, France and the USA). The book describes my evolution from one extreme--a devoted Stalinist student--to another--an active anti-communist. Writing it was a moral obligation to my parents, and to other victims of Stalinism.

The more people know about proletarian dictatorship the less likely will we experience is. Please share the link with those who might be interested, especially with young people, and with potential reviewers. Thank you.
Posted: Apr 15 2011, 04:59 PM


Or another hoax. "Secret catalyst", my ***.

Posted: Apr 15 2011, 05:04 PM

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Isotopic analysis of the 10% copper, 90% nickel alleged product was isotopically consistent with mechanically mixed copper and nickel, and did not provide evidence of transmutation, especially with respect to the proposed chain of multiple proton-nickel fusions and decays.

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