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> THEORY OF EVERYTHING BEGUN FROM ABSOLUTE CONCEPT., 'Complete' T.O.E. construction project.
Posted: Dec 10 2012, 02:35 PM

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Nature likes to recycle. Therefore one might expect to see reoccurring patterns within nature, which have been recycled from earlier physics patterns.

For example, the simple ovum, once fertilized, goes from a cellular singularity into organized cellular diversity. This might be recycled from the big bang, or the big bang reversed engineered from this natural pattern. It turns out our universe has large scale superstructure.

We have negative and positive charge. Nature recycled this in terms of the action of muscles using equal yet opposing force. Our two eyes allows 3-D images, which is how the electro-magnetic force creates atomic volume.

The mind thinks in terms of good and evil; two opposing forces. While cause and effect, which are two combined things like EM, creates a mental grid used to model the spatial universe.

You can start anywhere and the patterns of nature periodically return, but forward in time; the helix.

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Posted: Dec 10 2012, 03:19 PM

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Again...and again...
On the Energy-Mass Poles Of the Universe

The universe is a two-poles entity, an all-mass and an all-energy poles.

Singularity and the Big Bang MUST have happened with the smallest base universe particles, the gravitons, that MUST be both energy and mass, even if all of them are inert mass just one smallest fraction of a second at the pre-Bing Bang singularity. All mass formats evolve from gravitons that convert into energy i.e. escape their gravitons shatters-clusters, becoming mass formats in motion, i.e. energy. And they all end up again as mass in a repeat universal singularity.

Universe expansion and re-contraction proceed simultaneously.

Graviton is the elementary particle of the universe. The gravitons are compacted into the universal inert singularity mass only for the smallest fraction of a second, when all the gravitons of the universe are compacted together, inert, with zero distance between all of them. This state is feasible and mandated by their small size and by their hence weak force.

The Big Bang is the shattering of the short-lived singularity mass into fragments that later became galactic clusters. This is inflation. The shattering is the start of movement of the shatters i.e. the start of reconversion of mass into energy, mass in motion. This reconversion proceeds at a constant rate since the big bang, since the annealing-tempering of singularity and the start of resolution of gravitons. The release of gravitons from their shatters-clusters proceeds at constant rate due to their weak specific force due to their small size.

Gravity is propensity of energy reconversion to mass.
Inflation and expansion are per Newton.

Since the Big Bang galactic clusters are losing mass at constant rate. Mass, gravitons, continue escaping at constant rate from their Big Bang fragments-clusters thus becoming energy, mass in motion, thus thrusting the clusters. Constant thrust and decreasing galactic clusters weight accelerate the separation of clusters from each other. Plain common sense.

A commonsensible conjecture is that the Universe Contraction is initiated following the Big-Bang event, as released moving gravitons (energy) deliver their thrust to other particles and are collected by and stored in black holes at very low energy levels steadily leading to the re-formation of the Universe Singularity, simultaneously with expansion, i.e. that universal expansion and contraction are going on simultaneously.

The conjectured implications is that the Universe is a product of A Single Universal Black Hole with an extremely brief singularity of ALL the gravitons of the universe, which is feasible and possible and mandated because gravitation is a very weak force due to the small size of the gravitons, the primal mass-energy particles of the universe.

Dov Henis (comments from 22nd century)

Comment submitted 2012/12/07 , ‘’ :
A force dependent upon mass and the distance between objects. The English physicist and mathematician Sir Isaac Newton (1642–1727) set out the classical theory of gravity in his Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica (Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy). According to classical theory, gravitational force, always attractive between two objects, increases directly and proportionately with mass of the objects but is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between the objects
According to general relativity, gravity results from the bending of fused space-time. According to modern quantum theory, gravity is postulated to be carried by a vector particle termed a graviton.
Per my assessment of present data, in plain spoken English:
Gravity is the propensity of energy reconversion to mass. Propensity of gravitons, the fundamental mass-energy particles, to assemble-group-cluster at lowest feasible energy level, at state of least feasible motion …
Everything in the universe derives from the duality mass-energy, from the ( circa 20 billion years ? ) universe cycle between the two poles all-mass-all energy.
And ALL human concepts-comprehensions are once one way and then are re-comprehended another way…..

Dov Henis

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