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> Nanotechnology can get out of control! *
Pablo Rena
Posted: May 30 2004, 10:51 PM


I fear that little nano-robots will develop a mind of their own and
begin to eat our flesh, this could happen really fast, just because
most technology has bugs, faults , problems.

I think we should stop working with nanotechnology, it's to dangerous!
Posted: May 30 2004, 10:51 PM


A software bug could cause a nuclear bomb to explode, should we get rid of
the bombs for that reason alone?
A plane could have faults with new hardware, should we get rid of planes?

Software and hardware all have bugs when being made, the differrence is non
critical appliances don't have much bug testing done to them compared to
critical appliances. The software is planes is tested and debugged, retested
over and over again, with 98% of the budget on this task alone, whereas you
windows operating system, only 50-75% of the budget is on this. The overall
budget for critiacl systems is 10-100 times that of normal software. The
point is normal software is shipped out with bugs still in the system,
whereas critical systems arn't shipped out until the know there is nothing
that can go wrong, and the same will apply to critical nanotechnology, for
example nanobots, so don't worry too much about it.
John Marlow
Posted: May 30 2004, 10:57 PM


The novel Nano ( features
weaponized nanites--including flesh-eating nanobots...


Posted: May 30 2004, 10:58 PM


Just saying that its it's to dangerous is not a reason for stopping
work on Nanotechnology.

Driving a car to fast, is also dangerous, so do you own a car?

Crossing the road is dangerous so do you every leave your room and
come out from behind your computer ?

I would agree 100% with you that many issues within the very broad
techo-church called Nanotechnology have to be discussed.

So tell me about which issues you want to raise and I will publish
them for you. At Nano Tsunami pride ourselves at publishing both sides
of the Nano Tech issue.

So don't rant . write.

David W.G. Voyle

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